Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops Review

Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops Review

Having dry eyes can be very difficult, especially when getting through everyday tasks. It is very challenging to work and enjoy leisure activities such as reading and catching up on your favorite tv shows if your eyes aren’t cooperating.

We can have dry, itchy eyes due to a significant amount of factors, from sitting in front of your computer too long to having your air conditioning running all day. And most times it is hard to avoid these factors, making it essential to find a solution to help us deal with these obstacles.

One way is investing in eye drops that will help you combat these issues so you can do all the things you enjoy doing every day with relief from the symptoms that wants to stop you from doing it.

Many people in their life suffer from dry eye symptoms at least once, whether it is during the spring season, where high counts of pollen creep into our eyes, or other foreign substances make their way through.

Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops Review

Dry eye can also affect you if you are aging, since as we age our tear production becomes less frequent. When it is produced, the quality of the tears isn't enough to keep our eyes moisturized.

Menopause can also make the risk higher for dry eye, making women twice as likely to have it than men.

It is also dangerous in some situations such as driving. Any factor that affects your driving performance can harm you and anyone else with you. Not being able to see correctly or having your eyes burning in the middle of the freeway can cause accidents.

With Refresh Plus lubricant eye drops, you can relieve any dry eye symptoms fast and efficiently to be able to do your everyday tasks as you did before, but better. Read on to find out how.

Preservative Free

One of our favorite features with this brand of artificial tears is that there are no chemicals or preservatives. Preservatives are ways to preserve a product for an extended period of time without going bad, and this can be very beneficial and necessary for other types of products.

But, when it comes to something as sensitive as your eyes, you don’t want anything that could harm them or lead to allergic reactions entering it. That is why this particular brand has found other ways to preserve their solution without any harmful chemicals.

Preservatives can cause blindness as well if you are affected negatively by the chemicals. So, these eye drops come in individual vials instead of bottles to eliminate the need for preservatives.

The Product

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    ​100 vials containers that contain 0.01 fl oz.
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    ​Contains carboxymethylcellulose sodium, which is the active agent that combats dry eye symptoms
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    ​Pointed tips for easy application

​Refresh Plus takes pride in being able to provide their customers with fast relief from the pains of dry eye. They understand how important it is to soothe these symptoms to help you get through the day and get things done without any obstacles.


The Refresh Plus lubricant eye drops is a fantastic way to get the relief you need from dry, irritated eyes promptly. The key ingredient carboxymethylcellulose sodium is the ingredient that aids in fighting these symptoms.

Without this ingredient, your eyes would not be protected from the harsh weather conditions and other factors that contribute to dry eye. Wind, the sun, dust, and dirt are just a few of the environmental factors that cause irritation.

Spending time on the computer longer than recommended can also play a huge role in creating dry eye due to the lack of blinking. Blinking is essential to eye health because it spreads the oils and mucus that make up the tear throughout the surface of the eye. If this doesn’t happen, dryness can occur.

Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops 100 Vials Review

But, since computer usage is such a vital part of most of us that need technology in the workplace and at home, it is almost impossible to prevent this unless you cut down screen time. Unfortunately, most aren't able to do this. So, this ingredient makes it possible to prevent any dryness and improves eye health.

This is why this product is a favorite of ours since in this new age we rely heavily on technology and being able to enjoy nature, and this prevents any worsening of our symptoms.

What Others Say

Just like us, most of the customers that invest in this product love it for many reasons, one being how the solution is compatible with surgeries such as the LASIK eye surgery and contact wearers. After this operation, the eye is put under a lot of stress and becomes very sensitive.

As previously stated, this product does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives so that it can be used with sensitive eyes without any harmful effects. It can also be used with contact lenses since it does not affect the eye or the lens in a bad way.

The only thing that customers may have had an issue with is that if they had conditions such as arthritis, it is difficult to hold the vial steady, or at all because of how small they are.

Buying Advice

When you are looking to purchase this eye drop, keep in mind that the vials are made of plastic due to the solution being made without preservatives. For those that may be allergic to preservatives or have sensitive eyes, this is perfect for you because it is not likely you will have irritation from the product.

But, for those of you that don’t have an issue with preservatives, keep in mind that plastic is being used and without proper disposal can lead to causing a negative effect on the environment.

For the quality that this product provides, the price is as low as $30.


The Refresh Plus lubricant eye drops are an excellent choice for everyone that has dry eye symptoms and is even safe for those that wear contact lenses and after surgery patients to use for relief. We hoped that this review has helped you decide on our product.

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