Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops Review

Systane Ultra Lubricant Eye Drops Review

Dry eye is a condition that nearly half of the United States population has suffered from over the age of 18. Dry eye develops when there isn’t a sufficient amount of tears to lubricate the eye.

If there isn’t enough lubrication, it can affect your eyesight, cause irritation, and in severe cases scar the front surface of the eye.

Tears are also necessary because without them, things like dust, debris and bacteria will have an easier chance of entering the eye, making infections more likely to occur.

Artificial tears are a great way to prevent this from happening. They can combat the irritation and burning that dry eye creates to make your eyes feel great again.

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to the loss of tear lubrication in your eyes. One of the leading causes is computer use. When we are staring at screens, we do not blink as often as we need to, which leads to tear evaporation.

And blinking plays a massive role in the lubrication process. The tear film that protects the front surface of your eye is made up of oil and mucus that prevents the eyes from drying out. When you blink, it gives you the chance to spread this across the surface of the eye.

Systane Ultra Review

Another factor that can contribute to dry eye is being outside. Being outdoors exposes the eye to a lot of foreign debris, like sand or dirt. With these factors, plus the wind, dust and other things are bound to get into your eye and cause irritation or an infection.

Ever wonder why so many people are coughing and scratching their eyes during the spring season? Pollen is a primary factor that contributes to dry eye during this time of the year because our eyes have such a hard time getting rid of it since it is very heavy in the air.

With so many causes and contributors to dry eye, it’s no wonder that so many are affected by it. There are a lot of solutions on the market for help with dealing with dry eye, but none are as relieving and long-lasting as Systane Ultra eye drops. Read on to find out how!

Use With Other Eye Conditions

One thing we love about the Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops is that it benefits everyone with eye problems. Most eye drop brands can’t be used with people who wear contact lenses and those who have had surgeries or previous eye conditions.

Wearing contact lenses over an extended period can lead to the development of the dry eye symptoms just like the factors listed previously. But, the hard part about having both is that some of the ingredients in other brands of eye drops can lead to contact lenses being affected.

The wrong type of eye drops can lead to more irritation than you had before, or the change in the size and fit of your contact lenses, which could result in getting new ones. And this can be pretty expensive.

These eye drops can also be used after surgeries such as LASIK eye surgery and cataract surgery. Typically after these types of eye surgeries, the eyes can become dry and itchy due to the stress they had to endure.

Systane Vials Review

The eyes are also very sensitive during the period of recovery, so you have to be very careful in what you are putting in your eye. Due to the ingredients in this product, with its lack of preservatives and harmful chemicals, it can be used for anyone with dry eyes, from moderate to severe.

The Product

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    ​Number one brand recommended by doctors
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    ​Provides long-lasting relief fast
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    ​Contains the active ingredients polyethylene and propylene glycol, which are lubricants
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    Comes in 60 sterile vials, containing 0.7 mL each of the solution
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    Screw on caps to preserve the solution for later use

​​​​​The Systane Ultra company specializes in making quality eye drops designed to provide fast relief from eye itchiness, irritation, and burning, so its customers can go through the day symptom-free. Their product is also long-lasting to make the solution last longer throughout the day.

If you want immediate relief and moist, healthy feeling eyes to keep you on your feet, we strongly recommend the use of this product. You can’t go wrong!


The first thing we noticed with the use of these eye drops is that they stop itchiness and redness a few seconds after placing the drops in your eye, and the relief lasts throughout the day.

The key ingredients polyethylene and propylene glycol work together to keep the moisture in the tear film, instantly making the symptoms go away. These are great because they provide the eyes and body with what they can't produce as efficiently themselves anymore.

Another feature that this product provides that we enjoy is the convenience the vials offer. Because they are individually packaged and small, you can keep them everywhere that you might need them.

For example, if you had eye drops that come in a bottle, you only have one with all the solution you need already in there. You have to make sure that you grab them before leaving the house and that you don’t leave them somewhere you may forget.

But, with the individual vials, you can keep one in your car, in your room, your coat pocket, even in the workplace if there is somewhere safe to keep them. This ensures that you always have them in reach whenever you need them.

What Others Say

Many of the customers that have purchased these artificial tears love them as much as we do. Many say that they like the convenience since the vials can be split amongst family and friends that may need them as well and that they can be used after surgery without any side effects.

Systane Ultra Vials Review

The only downside to this product is that few may experience an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Because this product is made without any preservatives which can contain harmful chemicals, this is rare.

Buying Advice

One thing to keep in mind when deciding what eye drops to purchase is that these are artificial tears that can be purchased over the counter and have no medicine or preservatives in them. If you are someone that suffers from anything beyond dry eye, this product may not be strong enough to relieve your symptoms.

This product runs for about $25, which is a perfect price for the quality that it provides.


The Systane Ultra Lubricant eye drops are a perfect choice for those that want immediate, long-lasting relief to their dry eye symptoms and need assistance in getting healthy, bright eyes.

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